Sally Zylberberg


Artist Description

Sally trained as a psychologist in her native South Africa, and after moving to Sydney in the mid 60’s worked first in a psychiatric clinic, and then as a counsellor. 20 years later she became a professional potter, and another 10 years on, she finally embraced sculpture as she moved from sculptural work with clay to experimentation with different materials and techniques.

Professional involvement in sculpture
Sally is a committee member of The Sculptors Society, and since 1999 has been Editor of the Sculptors Society Bulletin. She has exhibited and sold selected works in Sculptors Society exhibitions at NSW Parliament House, Darling Park building, the Renaissance Hotel, and at St. Ives and Greenwoods shopping plazas. She has also had work selected for exhibition in Hunters Hill regional art show, the RAS Easter Show, Ewart Gallery, Bondi Pavilion Gallery, Mary Place Gallery, Mura Gallery, Galleries Primitif, the Balmoral Artists Colony, and an outdoor show at Bicentennial Park. She has won many awards, and is represented in many collections both here and overseas.

Artist Statement
Sally’s work is lively and full of fun. Reflecting her background, “Roots” is an archetypal ancestral baboon with anchored hind-quarters, and a tail shooting unrestrainedly skywards. Her forms are often a metaphor for the human condition; her bronze birds with human feet originate from dreams of angst in business. There is often some irreverent reference to the world around us, Sally’s seals with sunglasses being a comment on the folly of sun-worship and the depletion of the ozone layer. A keen sense of social justice is apparent in her boat sculpture with its passengers’ fragile hold on safe landing. And finally, the “Le Chaim” series is an exuberant symbolic use of warped and dead tree slices to bring joy, and comment on life’s continuity.

Sally Zylberberg

Contact Details

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