David Solomon


Artist Statement
My work is mostly sculptural work, hand built, non-functional abstract and is designed as “ cutting edge”. My passion is clay, using earthenware, stoneware, as well as raku and black and pitt firing. My building technique is with slabs, coils and moulds. I also use slips, underglazes, and oxides. I also at times add other creative materials on my design of my work e.g. glass, wood, iron, stone and metal.
Being raised in South Africa, I bring in my unique cultural influence by using earthy colours and mix different coloured clay bodies together, giving my work a raw, grounded, textured feeling of Africa. My inspiration is captured through my eyes. I update my designs for an ever changing society with urban and rural settings. Most of my work is spontaneous and evolves from my strong feelings of my faith, beliefs, world affairs and modern technology. Since I have based myself in Australia, I am bolded and influenced by Sydney’s beauty. My current and future works will explode with the energy of Sydney’s colour, life and powerful emotions with bright gay colours. I cater for a large scale of people and commissioned for varying pieces and sell privately. My sculptures ranges from small to a metre high.

Art Education
1977 - 1979 Started working in clay. Enrolled at Biddy Lees School , Cape Town
1980 - 1984 Ceramics at Herzlia High School, Cape Town
1989 - 1990 Guided under Graham and Kim Bolland, Cape Town
1991 - 1993 Diploma in Ceramic Art and Sculpture - David May School of Ceramic Design, Cape Town

Solo Exhibitions
Oct 1995 Launch Exhibition, Seeff Trust Art Gallery, Foreshore, Cape Town

Selected Group Exhibitions
May 1992 Group Exhibition, Adler Gallery, Port Elizabeth
Sep 1992 Association Potters of South Africa ( APSA) Regional Exhibition, Nico
Malan Theatre , Cape Town
Aug 1993 David May School of Ceramic Design Exhibtion, Constantia Village Gallery, Cape Town
Aug 1994 APSA Regional Exhibition, Nico Malan Theatre, Cape Town
May 1996 Group Exhibtion, Good Hoop Gallery, The Castle, Cape Town
Aug 1996 Group Show, Association of Arts, Metropolitan Gallery , Cape Town
Nov 1996 Qudrivium Gallery, Sydney, Australia
Dec 1996 Art Salon, Rose Korber, The Bay Hotel, Camps Bay, Cape Town
Aug 1997 Group Show, Chelsea Gallery, Wynberg, Cape Town
Oct 1997 Smirnoff Vodka Exhibition, Metropolitan Gallery, Cape Town
Dec 1997 Art Salon, Rose Korber, The Bay Hotel, Camps Bay, Cape Town
Nov 1998 Stanley Pearll, Double Bay, Sydney
Mar 1999 Mura Clay Gallery, Newtown, Sydney
Mar 2001 Group Exhibition, The Rocks Gallery, The Rocks, Sydney
June 2002 Group Show, Ewart Gallery, Willoughby, Sydney
Aug 2002 Sculpture Society Exhibition, IBM Building, Sydney
Aug 2002 The 2002 Sydney Teapot Show, Inner City Clayworkers Gallery
Nov 2002 The International Festival of Post Modern Ceramics World Exhibition, Varazdin , Croatia
Nov 2002 NSW Bezalel Exhibition, Redfern, Sydney
Feb 2003 Marlene Antico Fine Arts Gallery, Paddington, Sydney
Aug 2003 Sculpture Society Exhibition, IBM Building, Sydney
Nov 2003 Sculpture Society Exhibition, Australia Square, Sydney
June 2004 Ceramic Art Gallery, Paddington - ‘Bowl’d & Beautiful’


Aug 2002 Sculpture Society - Highly Commended - Totem
Nov 2002 Internation Festival of Post Modern Ceramics ,Varazdin, Croatia , Honorary Award

Pottery Society of Australia since 2001
Sculpture Society, Committee member since 2002

Slabro Architects - Cape Town Advocate Jacobs - Sydney
Mr & Mrs S Yach - Cape Town Dr Edward Taras - Los Angeles
Mr & Mrs A Searl - Cape Town Professor Paul White - Dallas
Advocate S Aaron - London Mr Mor - Tel Aviv
Mrs Raymond - New York Mr & Mrs J Frank - Cape Town
Mr Howard Frank - Johannesburg Mrs R Shapiro - Cape Town

David Solomon

Contact Details

To contact this sculptor, please email Eva Chant, Sculptors Society Secretary, at sculpt1@bigpond.net.au