I’ve loved sculpture all my life, creating forms from any material at hand - from mud, plasticine and playdough, to plaster, wood, wire, and clay. While pursuing other artistic and creative careers such as scriptwriting, photography and graphic design, sculpture has always travelled with me, a touchstone to which I always return. Such an ancient artform, it has kept me grounded, when all the world seems mad.

I reached a turning point in an evening pottery class: my wheel-thrown pots were persistently morphing into abstract human forms and so I decided it was time to ‘scratch the itch’. Over the next few years, I took multiple evening classes, weekend workshops and TAFE courses, mentored by some brilliant teachers and artists, until I set up my own sculpture studio 6 years ago.

Artist Statement
I'm most interested in the human form, in exploring the reduction of the figure to its simplest sculptural form. My graphic design training, where simplicity, clean lines and pleasing negative space are of prime importance, has guided my style.

I like to explore the tension and movement created by balancing forms. I enjoy the pure engineering challenge of creating a form with a high centre of gravity on a narrow base but I also love the excitement generated by a carefully poised figure or a strategically balanced abstract form.

The parent and child are my favourite subject, emanating from my adventures nuturing four wonderful children. Their childhoods bubble up constantly in my mind and re-surface under my fingers. The whimsical and the quirky are another passion, where I seek to challenge the norm and question reality - and create an upbeat space for the viewer.

Surface texture is another fascination. Texture creates an energy in the artwork and can highlight the form. I often use oxides to accentuate the texture of the finished clay or metal, or use a textured patina on smooth pieces.

Individuality is important to me - in this world of mass-produced goods, I like the maker's marks to be visible as a statement of 'made by hand'. All my ceramic pieces are one-off originals while my metal sculptures are either one-offs or a limited edition of ten.

EDUCATION (Sculpture)
2016   Certificate in Ceramic Techniques - Specialised - Karen Farrell, Hornsby TAFE
2015   Wax Carving & Bronze Casting W’shop - Michael Vaynman, Workshop Arts Centre, Willoughby
2014   Sculpture Techniques Casting Workshop - Alex Kosmos & Alan Watt, Bermagui, NSW
2005-12 Ceramic & Sculpture Study - Barbara Campbell-Allen, Renata de Lambert, WAC, Willoughby
1986-87 Certificate in Sculpture - Kensington & Chelsea College, Kensington, London

2017   Amanda Harrison & Dana Dion - Art Gallery on Darling, Balmain, Sydney
2014   Sculptural Horizons - The Balmain Watch House Gallery, Balmain, Sydney
2012   Sculpture in the Studio - Greenwich, Sydney
2011   Beginnings - Tighes Hill Gallery, Newcastle
2010   Amanda Harrison & Louella Woodham - Washhouse Gallery, Rozelle, Sydney

2018   Brighton Sculpture Show - Brighton, Adelaide, South Australia
          Sculpture Bermagui - Bermagui, NSW
2017   Sculpture on Clyde - Bateman’s Bay, NSW
           Harbour Sculpture - Clarke’s Reserve, Hunters Hill, Sydney
          Sydney Royal Arts Show - Homebush, Sydney
2016   ‘Earth’ - Sculptors Society Awards, Incinerator Art Space, Willoughby, Sydney
2015   ‘Aquila Tierra’ - Incinerator Art Space, Willoughby, Sydney
           ‘Home Grown: The Ceramicists’ - Art Space on the Concourse, Chatswood, Sydney
2014   Gosford Art Prize - Gosford Regional Gallery, Gosford
           Northbridge Art Show - Gallery 307, Northbridge, Sydney
2013   Sculpture in the Valley - Greystone Grange, Kangaroo Valley, NSW
2012   Ewart Art Prize - Ewart Gallery, Willoughby, Sydney
2011   Hunters Hill Art Exhibition - Hunters Hill, Sydney
          Articles Fine Art Gallery - Stanwell Park NSW
2010   The Sculptors Society Annual Awards Exhibition - Darling Park, Sydney City
2009   Perl Contemporary Art Gallery - Vaucluse, Sydney
2008   Balmain Art Show - Eaton St, Balmain, Sydney
           ‘View!’ - St Ignatius College, Riverview
2007   ‘Workshop Ceramicists’ - Ewart Gallery, Laurel St, Willoughby, Sydney
2006   ‘Create!’ - Gresford Art Festival, Gresford

AWARDS (Selected)
2017   1st in Figurative Sculpture - Sydney Royal Arts Show, Homebush, Sydney
           1st in Sculpture - Ewart Art Prize, Ewart Gallery, Willoughby, Sydney
           People's Choice Prizes x 3 - Sculpture on Clyde • Sculpture in the Valley • Sculpture Bermagui
2016  1st in Figurative Sculpture - The Sculptors Society Awards, Art Space on the Concourse
          1st in Sculpture - Northbridge Art Show, Gallery 307 Northbridge, Sydney
2015   President's Prize - The Sculptors Society Annual Awards, Darling Park, Sydney
2014   1st in Sculpture - Ewart Art Prize, Ewart Gallery, Willoughby, Sydney
2012-18 Convenor & Marketing Manager, Greenwich Village Arts Trail

The Sculptors Society, Sydney, NSW - member since 2010
The Australian Ceramics Association, based in Sydney - member since 2012
The Workshop Art Centre, Willoughby, Sydney - member since 2006
Greenwich Village Arts Trail, Greenwich, Sydney - founding member since 2005 - convenor since 2012

Amanda Harrison

Contact Details

Mobile: 0409 398 128